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by grace & gold  


Babies don't keep

You're sleep deprived, running on a lot of coffee and some prayer, and you are wondering if you will ever feel normal again. I get it - I've been there. The newborn phase is TOUGH. But one day you will look up and that baby isn't a baby anymore. Babies don't keep. 

But do you know what does? Their photos. A photograph is the pause button to life and one day when you look back, those photos of your baby is all that is going to be left of their newborn phase because, well, babies don't keep. 

I found a new passion for newborn photography when I became a mother. I realized just how important and precious those images are and I look forward to giving other mothers that same luxury.

The Experience


& Styling






waredrobe & styling

We've ALL been there. You booked your session and now.... YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO WEAR! You spend countless number of hours searching Pinterest or getting friends' opinions on what looks good with what & before you know it, your head is spinning. You are now beginning to wonder if you even want the photos. Not to mention, do you really want to spend money on something you might only wear once? Nothing THIS stressful could be fun, right?? WRONG!

This very reason is why I have spent countless hours (for you!) on perfecting my client closet. Ranging from sizes S-XL, you are sure to find a dress you look and feel absolutely STUNNING in! As a mama, I understand that it is sometimes hard to feel like your old self. But friend, let me tell you something I have learned in my years of being a mama - YOU CAN'T POUR INTO OTHERS IF YOUR CUP IS EMPTY. 

Read that again.

Mama, you deserve to feel pretty and to be pampered. I am so excited to be able to provide you with gorgeous options so your session is not full of stress, but full of laughter. I would also be happy to help you choose something out of your own closet or help you shop online!


studio session

I believe I have constructed the absolute perfect studio that is sure to make you and your family feel right at home! It is conveniently located right off of the Evelyn Gandy Parkway. The studio has been designed to meet a family's every need and is meant to make you feel relaxed and comfortable. 

The studio comes equip with toys for older siblings, full size sofas, and a tv to sit back and relax while we focus on your new little. There is also a changing table and complimentary wipes for your baby. Upon arrival, we will get you changed into the outfit(s) of your choice and begin your session. A sound machine will be on to provide your newborn with extra comfort. 


heirloom album

If your package comes with the heirloom album, this will be done after your gallery is complete. You will be able to choose 20 of your favorite photos to go into your precious keepsake. After choosing your photos, I will construct your album for you.


If you are interested in learning more about our newborn packages and bundles, please contact me! If you don't have a newborn and would like a family session in studio, please reach out for more information!

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